Plan and optimize productions

Use production planning modules to easily plan beds, tables, batteries, …

The PlanDesk Production Planners, based on Microsoft SQL Server ®, are a direct link between design and production.

PlanDesk Production Planners are developed in close cooperation with the industry. Planning for all different kinds of prefab production can be done in no time and in the most optimized way.

Bed planning

The bed planning module is optimized for planning on long production beds.

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Table planning (graphical)

The graphical table planning module can be used for the production of filigree/lattice girder slabs, solid slabs, beams and columns, wall panels,…

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Table planning (non-graphical)

The schematical table planning module is developed to optimize the production of Reinforced Hollowcore slabs. Often used for stock production.

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Battery planning

Plan batteries in the most optimized way. Click the element and drag it on the battery. A graphical representation of the battery helps you to decide on how to optimize. Fast and easy.

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Production calendar

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Capacity planning

The PlanDesk CapacityPlanner will allow salespeople to estimate delivery dates based on just knowledge of square meters, or to make reservations on the planning even before the drawing has been detailed in Autofloor.

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