Production planning

Bed planning

BedPlanner with Hollowcore Slabs and T-Beam systems

The PlanDesk production planners make the real difference in optimizing the production process. The BedPlanner module is optimized for planning on long production beds.

No CAD engine needed. An easy-to-use and dedicated fully graphical interface. Multi user and integrated in the other PlanDesk modules.

Check all your jobs to optimize planning. All types of filters are available: delivery date, same depth, same strand, concrete quality, …

You have a waste? Check for a stock solution!

Some post-processing jobs in dry concrete in your production? Covered!

Production on different plants? Just a matter of configuration.

All production documentation like checklists, plate books per bed, production listings, saw lists, labels, link to CAM software and devices such as bed plotters, quality control are just a push of the button away.