Software for precast concrete

Integration equals faster delivery and more margin

Give your people a voice, integrate processes and push progress

Integration and seamless flow of information throughout the entire production process enables precast concrete plants to reduce failure costs and shorten time-to-market. This gives a competitive advantage.

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Process optimization is easy

Rethinking processes will completely transform an entire company – and will also change the way business is done. Manufacturers need to optimize their processes to stay competitive, but they can’t do it alone.

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Standard modules


Manage projects, quotes, orders, invoicing…

Enable everyone in your company to remain informed of all critical business communications.

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Design and label layouts for all types of prefab: floors, beams, columns, stairs…

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Analyze prestressed or reinforced concrete.

All calculations are performed according to EuroCode, in conjuction with National Annexes.

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Planning for all different kinds of prefab production. Quick and optimized.

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Stockyard management and logistics planning

Tools for clear communication and share the information towards the (external) parties involved.

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Connect with production machinery, your current bookkeeping, ERP, CRM, planning software…

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Hollowcore slabs, solid slabs, prestressed- and reinforced slabs, filigree slabs, T-beams,…

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Beams & columns

Tools for designing and production of structural precast beams and columns.

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Parametric drawing tools to quickly draw straight stairs in 3D.

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Other types of precast

I-Theses has many tools for other types of precast.

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